The Danish Girl



I’m going to be honest, I originally picked another ebook to read after I finished ‘The Deal’. I started reading the ebook and after about two chapters in I wasn’t feeling it. Normally if a book isn’t grabbing my attention from the beginning I try and see it through to the end, but sometimes you just have to decide if you WANT to continue as a reader, or if you want to read something else because you just aren’t into it. And THAT’S OKAY. Sometimes certain books aren’t for us, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy them or think they’re great. So in the end I went back to the drawing board (in my case, my TBR jar) and ended up picking ‘The Danish Girl’ instead. I’m super excited to read this. The movie was lovely and both Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander did a beautiful job in their roles. All which made me even the more excited to get into this one.


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