Librarians Don’t Read All Day

Ain’t that the Truth!

I thought this piece on Bookriot today was so spot on about working in a library. As someone who does work in a public library, I can attest to what the writer is saying here when she says she could fill a book with how many times people ask her if all she does at work is read all day. Today, libraries are so much more than places to just come and read. Yes, it is filled with as many books as one can get their hands on, but it’s also a place where people come to use the computer for children’s programs, tutoring, clubs and organizations, schoolwork, job opportunities, or simply because their printer stopped working. The library is a good place to work if you love books, but if you think that’s what you’ll be doing all day while you’re standing/sitting behind a desk, think again. Check this out if you’d like! Bookriot is also a great site filled with book recommendations, author profiles and interviews, and even giveaways!

I also wrote a couple weeks ago about what my experience has been like working in a library in response to another Bookriot post about being a librarian.


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