Review: With Malice by Eileen Cook




This was a nice, quick-ish read. I liked the whodunnit aspect of it. I love any book that deals with crimes that need to be solved and cause the reader to think. I enjoyed the interviews and the blog/internet forum format of some of the chapters as well. I do feel though, that the reveal towards the end was kind of an easy one to figure out. The truth passed through my mind right after the instance was first introduced. This really had me questioning each of the character’s motives and truths. I think that’s important in a novel like this. If it has you questioning who to believe, it’s usually pulling you in like it’s meant to. The other big reveal, although believable, I felt that it could have either been twisted more or harder to figure out. This did have me a bit on edge toward the end, however. I liked being on the journey with Jill to remember what she had initially forgotten. The sessions with her therapist felt honest. Dr. Weeks was a really nice character because she was honest with Jill. She didn’t sugarcoat Jill’s “revelations” in terms of her memories of the accident. I liked being able to get inside Jill’s head and kind of figure it all out and piece it together. The end was kind of abrupt. It had me questioning if Jill was truly a malicious character in spite of what happened in the end or not.

“Why is it they say that you always hurt the ones you love? Because you know exactly how to do it.” -Eileen Cook, ‘With Malice’

4/5 Stars


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