Stories & Characters That Stick With You – A Playlist 

*Sighs dramatically* 

You guys, I’m going through some terrible ACOMAF (A Court Of Mist And Fury) withdrawal. I’m talking like, the book hangover to kick all book hangovers to the curb. Despite reading so many awesome books to finish out last year, and quite a few great ones so far this year, none of those books have kept me so invested in their stories and their characters, as well as cause me to think so fondly about it, quite like this series has. I tried to read and get into Sarah J. Maas’ other series, ‘Throne Of Glass’ after finishing up ACOMAF, but it just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t pull me in like ACOTAR and ACOMAF did. Maybe it’s because ACOTAR gave me such a book high. Or maybe it’s because I was technically late to the ‘Throne Of Glass’ party, but I just wasn’t as invested in the story or the characters as I would have liked to be. 

I need to tell you how deep this obsession for this series is. I have a Night Court candle, which was gifted to me by my lovely friend Michallynn, who also just finished ACOMAF recently and LOVED IT. (you should check out her instagram and blog, btw) We’ve been talking about these books and our nervous anticipation for ACOWAR at work and it got me thinking that I should make a playlist. And I will get to that in juuuuust a second. 

So to say the least, I am nervous, excited, curious and beyond READY for the next installment in this wonderful Sarah J. Maas trilogy, (I’m going to die when it’s over) ACOWAR (A Court Of Wings And Ruin). To prepare my heart and refresh my mind on the events that occurred within the first two books, (although there are some, ahem, events that even the most forgetful reader would not deign to forget from those books i.e. Chapter 55) I will  be re-reading both ACOTAR and ACOMAF during the month of April so I can be even more prepared to jump right back into the world of the Night Court. 

I should probably get to the moot point of this whole post and here it is! I have been thinking about these characters, most specifically Rhysand and Feyre, so much lately, that I decided to create a playlist inspired by them and their story. I loved finding out that SJM creates and writes her books to her own curated playlists in order to better immerse herself in their world and head spaces. She even wrote in a newsletter late last year about what songs she listened to the most and which ones inspired some of her favorite parts in the series. I’ll link that newsletter, as well as her own ACOMAF Spotify playlist down below for anyone that would like to see and listen to it. 

A lot of these songs I chose because they remind me so much of the events in this story. I tried to pretend that if this story were to become a movie, what songs would I want to hear that would make me think, “This song captures this scene so perfectly!” So that’s what I did. Now I will admit, there are A LOT of songs on here. I tend to get a little crazy making playlists. Part of me wants to be like, “Yes! Add ALL the songs!” but I don’t want it to be tiresome to listen to. So I cut it down, not too much, because I like variety, obviously, but I like to convey many different parts of the story with as many songs that would reflect and express those scenes. I highlighted and added descriptions next to the most important ones to better paint the scene for what parts in the story these songs would play if it were a movie. Some of these songs are just great love songs. I hope you enjoy and listen to AT LEAST the ones I highlighted. I even went the extra mile to make sure you Spotify listeners can enjoy too!  

^Just an added note about the Spotify Playlist – I added *’s next to the songs that are only included on the iTunes Playlist.

Even if you’ve never read these books, this is still a pretty bomb playlist, if I do say so myself. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.20.37 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.21.57 PM

This Is Gospel (Piano Version specifically, although the original from ‘Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die!’ is just as wonderful) ~ Panic! At The Disco – Brendon Urie’s voice in this, despite the fact that I couldn’t help picturing his handsome face as Rhys while reading this. His voice is just pure magic, especially in this version. This version isn’t on iTunes or Spotify, although I did upload it hehe, here is a link, because the video is great too. (This Is Gospel (Piano Version) Panic! At The Disco) – Just a great Rhys and Feyre song

Stone Cold ~ Demi Lovato – Feyre envelopes herself in darkness after Tamlin locks her inside the Spring Court / Rhys understanding Feyre and her remaining feelings for Tamlin, even though it’s killing him

Angels ~ The XX – Feyre observes Rhys with his friends 

 Start A Fire – La La Land Sountrack ~ John Legend – Rhys after meeting Feyre for the first time. Rhys after he realizes Feyre is his mate 

 Conqueror ~ AURORA – Feyre, Cursebreaker 

Yellow Flicker Beat ~ Lorde (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack – Feyre trains, mastering her power, ready for her journey Under The Mountain 

Maybe I Could Hold You ~ The Vaccines – Rhys wanting to tell Feyre who Tamlin really is. 

City of stars ~ Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (La La Land Soundtrack) – Starfall pt. I

Cosmic Love ~ Florence + The Machine – Starfall pt. II 

The Christening  ~ Maleficent Soundtrack – Nesta page 606-607 

Collar Full ~ Panic! At The Disco – Rhy’s perspective, his love for Feyre

You Could Live Here Now (Maleficent Soundtrack)  – Feyre starts to become comfortable living in the Night Court

I Need My Girl ~ The National- Rhys after Feyre goes to the Spring Court as part of their plan at the end; he still misses her.

All Day and All Night ~  Moon Taxi –When Rhys tells Feyre about the events at Starfall

Blow Your Mind (Mwah) ~ Dua Lipa – Rhys & Feyre… y’know…

Homesick ~ Catfish and The Bottlemen – Feyre comparing/contrasting The Spring Court to The Night Court/Tamlin to Rhys |How Rhys probably feels when Feyre calls The Night Court/Velaris home for the first time

 Evermore ~ Beauty and The Beast soundtrack ~ Dan Stevens – Rhys when Feyre goes back to the Spring Court again after she spends her first week at The Night Court as part of their agreement. 

That’s What I Like ~ Bruno Mars – Rhys and Feyre go shopping in Velaris 

Curtain Call ~ Shakespeare In Love Soundtrack – page 530, “You’re Mine”

Wild Love ~ Elle King – Rhys and Feyre send flirty messages through the bond 

Ready To Start ~ Arcade Fire – Rhys watching/trying to accept Feyre still having feelings for Tamlin 

Gun ~ CHVRCHES – Final scene in ACOMAF 

Nightcall ~ London Grammar – Feyre and Rhys discover the bond

Video Games ~ Lana Del Rey – Rhys telling Feyre about his past with Amarantha. His life in her clutches, Feyre’s painting. 

What Kind of Man ~ Florence + The Machine – Feyre shows Tamlin what she’s made of after he locks her inside the Spring Court 

Opening Titles ~ Paul Cantelon – The Other Boleyn Girl Soundtrack – Rhys & Feyre theme 

Take Over The World ~ The Courteneers – Introducing the High Lord & Lady of The Night Court 

Something There ~ Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack – Feyre  tries to accept agreement with Rhysand. She starts realizing she may have feelings for Rhysand, but doesn’t want to show it. 

Bite ~ Troye Sivan – Feyre and Rhysand at the Inn 

Into The Well (Enchanted Soundtrack)  – Feyre sees the rainbow streets of Velaris for the first time. 

*All Night ~ Beyoncé – Feyre and Rhys in the House of Mist 

*Pray You Catch Me ~Beyoncé – Feyre when Tamlin tries to keep her locked in the Spring Court / Feyre finds out Tamlin’s intentions for her all along, she’s hurt

*Love Drought ~Beyoncé – Feyre’s hurt over Tamlin’s lies and his wanting to keep her locked away

*Sorry ~Beyoncé – Feyre to Tamlin after her decision to leave the Spring Court for good, and she’s not sorry, pun intended

*Hold Up ~Beyoncé – Feyre refuses to allow Tamlin to tell her lies about Rhysand for his own benefit. Feyre will NOT be tamed

The End ~ (Shakespeare In Love Soundtrack) Rhys and Feyre’s secret ceremony 

Rivers and Roads ~ The Head And The Heart – Before battle when Feyre thinks about her new friends and Rhysand 

Delilah ~ Florence + The Machine – Feyre starts training/mastering her new abilities. While learning how to fight, with Cassian, Feyre is learning a new way to be human… or not

Wish That You Were Here ~ Florence + The Machine –Feyre accepts the bond. Feyre realizes she may want to be with Rhys

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ~ Sleeping At Last – Rhys’ perspective 

The First Day of Spring ~ Noah And The Whale – Feyre’s first day at The Night Court 

Darcy’s Letter ~ Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack – Rhysand after he sends Feyre back to the Spring Court after they become friendlier, Feyre is faced with the decision of who to trust 

In Viola’s Room ~ Shakespeare In Love Soundtrack – Rhys and Feyre’s theme / Rhys and Feyre sneak off to get married

Northern Downpour ~Panic! At The Disco – Rhys and Feyre montage 

My Second Lover ~ Noah And The Whale – “My friend through many dangers. My lover who had healed my broken and weary soul. My mate who had waited for me against all hope, despite all odds.” -ACOMAF

Past Lives ~ BØRNS – “She is my mate. And my spy.  …. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court. My equal in every way; she would wear my crown, sit in a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child rearing. My queen.” – ACOMAF

Blue ~ Troye Sivan – Feyre and Rhysand, The House of Mist

 To A Future With An End ~ The Age Of Adeline Soundtrack – To whatever end (A Throne of Glass quote, but also works here)

Friction ~ Imagine Dragons – The Bond grows stronger

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful ~ Florence + The Machine – Feyre is in the Spring Court, while Rhys is in the Night Court

Ink ~ Coldplay – the tattoo Rhysand gives Feyre as a contract. Becomes to mean much more.

Symphony No. 7 ~ Beethoven – Sarah noted in her newsletter that this was the song she imagined Feyre hearing in Amarantha’s prison 

Not Human (Pan’s Labyrinth Soundtrack) ~ Javier Navarrate – The Weaver


Other Notable Songs:  these don’t really need much of an explanation, they’re just good Feysand songs:

Body Heat ~ Selena Gomez 

Shut Up, Kiss Me ~ Angel Olson

Pillowtalk ~ Zayn

All I Want Is You ~ Judah And The Lion

XO ~Beyoncé 

Drunk In Love ~Beyoncé 

Midnight ~ Coldplay
Breaking Free ~ Night Riots

You And Me ~ Jake Bugg

The End Of All Things ~ Panic! At The Disco

Aurora In Faerieland ~ Maleficent Soundtrack

Cool Blue ~ The Japanese House

In My Veins ~ Andrew Belle

Together Or Apart ~ Lissie

The Beast Lets Belle Go ~ Alan Menken – Beauty & The Beast (1991 Soundtrack)


R & F Playlist (Apple Music)

R & F Playlist (Spotify)


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