April Currently Reading & A Court Of Thorns And Roses Re-read

Hey guys! Just checking in to update you all on what I’ve been reading and what books I have planned to read for the rest of this month!

First up, I decided to read the great classic The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Last year I heard the news that a Hulu series based on this book was going to be made and released this year. It’s kind of sad to me how I tend to discover books, or they won’t won’t spark my interest, until I learn about them being optioned for a TV or film series. But, I digress.

I’ve seen this book on numerous favorite books lists across the internet and I’ve always been intrigued by it. Except, for some reason I kept forgetting to read the synopsis. I really didn’t know what this story was about or how profound and alarmingly eery it relates to our time. Especially right now. Synopsis aside, I honestly thought it was written in the late 1800’s. In my defense, I came up with that assumption based off of the cover. It just looks so classic and medieval!


However, I did do my research and realized how fitting and timely it is for this book to be made into a series. And even more so, now that we’re living in a He who shall not be named, era where women’s right’s and equality need to be fought for even harder. It’s daunting, but I’m glad this book is getting new attention and gaining more readers. I did start reading a copy from the library and I was able to get drawn into the story, but I noticed that a lot of people expressed that they enjoyed listening to the audiobook so I decided maybe listening to it would help me keep my interest in tact. I re-activated (then cancelled, shhhhhh) my audible subscription so I could purchase it for $14 instead of $29.

A cool thing about this audiobook is that it’s narrated by the actress Claire Danes, who, besides Elizabeth Moss playing Ofred in the Hulu adaptation, is so great and really brings Ofred to life in the book. I’m kinda, almost halfway through and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ll update with a full review once I finish!


The other book I’m reading is Letters To The Lost by Brigid Kemmerer. This is a YA book about a girl named Juliet Young. Juliet recently lost her mother and she’s still grieving. Juliet visits her mother’s grave every day, leaving her letters that she wrote. One day she returns to her mother’s grave to find that someone has replied to her last letter. At first she’s furious, but then she writes back to the stranger who, in turn, replies again. That stranger is the rumored notorious senior class “juvenile delinquent” Declan Murphy. Declan is doing community service at the cemetery for a crime that haunts him every day. One afternoon he answers a letter he finds on a headstone.

Neither Juliet nor Declan know who one another is. Actually, they both know OF one another, but they don’t know that either of them are behind the letters that they send. Juliet and Declan are somehow drawn to one another after a series of run-ins at school. I’m about midway through and I like it a lot. It does kind of remind me a little of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ with the anonymous back and forth in messaging, but I love ‘You’ve Got Mail’ so I’m down with that. Actually, I’m at a part where Declan has found out who his “Cemetery Girl’ is, and he’s struggling to decide if he should tell Juliet outright who he is, or keep his identity hidden. I kind of like knowing something that the main character doesn’t.

I’ve took out this graphic novel, Giant Days Vol. 1 by  John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Whitney Cogar. These graphic novels chronicle the collegiate lives and adventures of three girls, Susan, Esther, and Daisy.


I also grabbed our copy of the graphic novel Nimona by Noelle Stevenson from the library. This one’s about a young, villainous shapeshifter named Nimona and her sidekick, Lord Ballister Blackheart.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I’m in an adventurous mood. I’m also going to have a long weekend due to the Easter holiday, so these will be perfect for my little staycation!

Lastly, my friends, I am going to talk for the billionth time about the near masterpiece that is Sarah J. Maas’s A Court Of Thorns And Roses series. If you have not read it yet, or plan on reading it, there are spoilers ahead so ah, proceed with caution as they say.

A Court Of Wings And Ruin  or ACOWAR, is just 20 days away. 20 . DAYS. AWAY. I am so excited and so nervous and so ready to go back to the Night Court and hang out with Feyre and Rhys and the rest of the Night Court gang and go on new adventures with them. I just get so giddy about this series, it’s ridiculous. As I previously mentioned in my ACOMAF Playlist blog post from two weeks ago, I am mentally preparing myself for this next installment. I’ve been listening to my playlist non-stop, gabbing about it at work with my dear friend and co-worker, Michallyn. I’ve bought a gorgeous ACOMAF quote bookmark, I even bought bookish ACOMAF themed candles (don’t @ me, I admit I am obsessed), and as of this morning I finished my re-read of ‘A Court Of Thorns And Roses’.


I have so many thoughts. There are so many things I missed reading this the first time around. One thing I love about re-reading, and especially going back to the first installment of a series after reading the books that follow, is combing through and discovering things that connect and bring the story together. Like events, phrases, or even characters you may have had previous opinions of based on the events in the first book that may have changed in the second *ahem* Rhysand. But now that you know what happens and how things play out, you can weave everything together and be like, “OHHHHH MY GOD THAT MAKES MORE SENSE!”


Like Rhys and Feyre.


RHYS. I hate how the first book takes literally twenty chapters for him to make his entrance in the story, but now that I know his real deal, every time he would come up in a scene I’d squeal like an idiot. If you think this is embarrassing, and I don’t blame you for rolling your eyes nor do I blame you if you’re suffering from secondhand embarrassment already, because, same. But even worse, and I know I’ll go back and re-read this in a few months time and want to throw my phone or computer, but I just love Rhys so much. I feel like he’s real, even though I am fully aware he is not. I literally have to take off my cardigan at work whenever my friend Michallyn and I talk about him because I get hot flashes.

Okay let’s move along before I die of heatstroke thinking about Rhys.

giphy (1).gif

But for real, I missed so many things. Like how much of an ass Tamlin was. Even though he was trying to protect Feyre, *insert eye rolling emoji* but also trying to make sure she was eavesdropping on his conversations with Lucien about the current state of affairs regarding Amarantha as well as the other courts in Prythian, he wasn’t as romantic to me as he was the first time I read this. Probably because I literally jumped overboard the ‘Famlin’ ship and onto the ‘Feysand’ ship of dreams (see what I did there?), but still…

Other things that stood out/ I’ve re-discovered/realized:

  • Lucian is wonderful and I hope that even though Feyre will be spying at the Spring Court, that her and Lucien will reconnect. I love their friendship so much.
  • I keep wondering if during Fire Night, when Feyre kept hearing that voice inside her head telling her “Go, go see.” WAS THAT RHYS? In some, weird, way.

Which brings me to another question: In ACOMAF, Rhys tells her that he could see her when she was living at the cottage, long before she ever murdered Andras. HOW?! I understand their bond because of the tattoo be puts on her to signify their bargain, but HOW did he know? Just, HOW??

  • “There you are, I’ve been looking for you.”

When I first read this book last spring, I was like, who the eff is this asshole?! Now I’m like HE’S YOUR MATE, FEYRE, RUN INTO HIS ARMS AND NEVER LET GO. *clears throat*

  • “It took me a long while to realize that Rhysand, whether he knew it or not, had effectively kept me from shattering completely.”

YUP. You’ll see, Feyre.

  • “When you healed my arm… You didn’t need to bargain with me. You could have demanded every single week of the year.” My brows knit together as he turned, already half-consumed by the dark. “Every single week, and I would have said yes.” It wasn’t entirely a question, but I needed the answer.

A half smile appeared on his sensuous lips. “I know,” he said, and vanished.

Okay this part made me confused. Like, I feel like this is a moment where her previous assumptions and opinions on Rhys were shaken a bit. This also further alludes to one of the reasons why he helped her under The Mountain in the first place. One of them being that, although the mating bond didn’t click for him, yet. He knew.

  • When Amarantha is literally ripping Feyre apart and Rhysand screams “Feyre!’

I died. Not Tamlin. Not Lucien. Rhysand. Rhysand. Did. That.

  • Rhys and the mating bond

When I first read this, the part with Rhys and the mating bond literally flew over my head. Until I read other reader’s reviews and they were all asking “What was with Rhys in the end? Why did he stumble?” and I was like, “Wh- whaaaaaaa?!



I also realized that it didn’t click for Rhys until that moment because while they were talking, Feyre was mostly looking out at the mountain and then talking about her new fae body and looking at that. BUT,  when they finally gaze into one another’s eyes, intently, Rhys is like, IGOTTAGOBYE

giphy (4)giphy (3)

These GIFs are literally perfect considering I picture Brendan Urie as Rhysand so… *Coughs politely*

So that’s it for today. I’m gonna go read ACOMAF and die and think about Rhys…


Review: Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakley 

Hello, friends!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying whatever you’ve been reading! I just finished a book called ‘ Close Enough To Touch’ by Colleen Oakley. This was a very sweet and moving story about a young woman named Jubilee Jenkins who has an allergy to *wait for it* human touch. Woah, right?!

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