My Top 12 Books of 2016

Hello, friends! Hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’re all reading something great!

The time has come for me to list and discuss my top twelve books of 2016. I know my opinions on these books most likely won’t be shared by others, but that’s what makes a readers’ experience with their books so wonderful! Everyone views and consumes their books in a unique way; and sees things within the pages that another reader may not.

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Do We Really Read Our Audiobooks? 

I have a complicated relationship with audiobooks. I’ve only started listening to them recently. And although I find them enjoyable, I can’t help but feel a bit lazy when I do so. But how can that feeling of laziness be attributed to something that makes reading more accessible to those who not only have reading disabilities, such as dyslexia, but also those who are blind? Audiobooks have come a long way, from tapes to now digital MP3’s, they really offer an experience to reading that can make you feel like you’re almost in a movie, smack dab in the middle of the action. Not to mention some great narrators from celebrities to even the author’s themselves. (Ex. Like actor and comedian Aziz Ansari does in his book of relationship essays Modern Romance)  I’ve always been one to cheer anyone on who is reading. I don’t care what you’re reading, you’re reading! And that in and of itself, is wonderful. But personally, when I listen to audiobooks, I find myself hit with the question of am I really reading? Am I listening to the words and picturing in my head the rising and falling actions? Am I invested in the characters? What about my Goodreads Challenge? Does it count if I didn’t “read” the book? All of these questions are the reason why I have a weird relationship with audiobooks. To me I find it better to focus on the story if I’m holding either a book or my Kindle in my hands. There’s something about holding a book and feeling like you’re ready to go on an adventure. And maybe if you listen to audiobooks often you experience that same feeling whilst on a long road trip. I guess the phrase “To each their own” really applies here. I think I need to open up my mind to audiobooks and not be so quick to assume I won’t be able to place myself in the story as easily as I can with a book. I’m going to keep trying and keep reading or, listening. I think I needed to write this blog post so I could gather and sort out my feelings on audiobooks once and for all. So if you enjoy audiobooks, keep listening! You are reading. If you’ve never tried listening to one, I strongly reccommend giving them a try. And who knows? You might find yourself getting lost in the story!